S p e a k e r s


Partner at HAWRAF
Founder & Creative Director at Middle Boop


Industrial Design | Education
Josh Owen Professor and Chair of Industrial Design at RIT
Industrial Design
Anita Casale Director of Design Strategy and Operations at Nike / Converse
Motion Graphics
Jeremy Cox Creative Director at Imaginary Forces
UI/UX | Marketing
Miguel A. Cardona Jr. Professor at RIT
Motion Graphics | Graphic Design
Austin Shaw Motion Design Consultant & Professor at Austin Shaw LLC and SCAD
Graphic Design
Mitch Goldstein Assistant Professor at RIT
Industrial Design | UX Design
Tim Wood Assistant Professor at RIT
Industrial Design
Jeff Smith Education Manager at Autodesk
Fine Art | University Relations
Bryan Shackelford Innovation Representative at Eastman Innovation Lab
Design Research/Strategy
Mark Capper President at Kompas Strategy
Motion Graphics
Tnaya Witmer Senior Designer at Sarofsky
Health Care | Architecture
Christian Perry Architectural Designer at Clark Patterson Lee / Little Angels of Honduras
Industrial Design
Hector Silva Research Associate Professor at University of Notre Dame
Industrial Design
Greg Smiley Industrial Design Manager & Head of Design at Raymond Corporation / Toyota Material Handling North America
Furniture/Interior Design | Graphic Design
Seth Esthelman Principal & Founder at Staach