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Thought at Work started in 2003. In six months, three ambitious design students built this conference from the ground up to create a place bridge the gap between students and professionals. It was a success, bringing together over 200 students from eleven design schools. The conference continued in 2004, but then took a break due to the graduation of the original team leaders.

In 2012, we decided to bring it back in full force, and it’s been going strong ever since, with over 400 attendees in 2013, an all-time high. We have expanded our content to include both industrial and interaction design, and we hope to continue growing even further. Thought at Work has always aimed to keep the content fresh and interesting to our generation, since students know what students want to learn.

In addition to our lectures and workshops, Thought at Work offers a variety of unique networking events every year. In 2012, we hosted a sketching & rendering competition between two of RIT’s talented visiting professors. In 2013, we had an afterparty at local restaurant Cure, and events at the Lovin’ Cup Café, right outside RIT. Keep an eye out for updates on what’s coming in 2014!

Past Coordinators


Kyle Sheth | Senior

Hannah Abele | Sophomore

Vedant Swarup | Sophomore


Kyle Sheth | Junior

Gino Santaguida | Junior

Aaron Jackendoff | Senior


Laura Fowler | Senior

Don Lehman | Senior

Sam Aquillano | Senior

Past Speakers


Bradley Munkowitz (GMUNK) Freelance Designer

Pattie Moore Moore Design Associates

Spencer Nugent

Joey Zeledon Smart Design

Daniel Kochinsky Smart Design

Stephen Minarsch Microsoft/XBOX

Sunand Bhattacharya Autodesk

Brian Wilk Playskool

Pete Kotsonis Storyline

Miguel Cardona IMGIX

Rachel Diesel Freelance Designer

Ben McChesney Helios Interactive

Ed Baker Red Carpet Entrances

Greg Smiley Raymond Corporation

Dan Scheibel Red Paper Heart

Len Nicholas Freelance Designer

Patrick Blohme, Jon Brennan,

Simon Cave B-Reel


Jeff Smith Reflex Design

Jason Bacher, Brian Buirge Good Fucking Design Advice

Kerstin Strom IDSA Ecodesign Chair

Bryan Hammer Skooba Design

Mark Penke Xerox

Craig Rubino Champ Spikes

Sam Aquillano Design Museum Boston

Jeffrey Cougler Independent Designer

Don Lehman More/Real

Lisa Yanz Product Development Technologies

Marc Priddy Socially Good Business

Isaac Alves BBC International

Greg Smiley Raymond Corporation

Sarah Feingold Etsy

Pete Kotsonis Storyline

Lorrie Frear Freelance Designer & Calligrapher

Igor Sobolevsky RIT Visiting Professor

Miguel Cardona RIT Visiting Professor

We would also like to send out a huge thank you to these companies for their support in making this event possible.

2012 Sponsors

2013 Sponsors